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Ion-beam irradiation effects on Ni3N/Si bilayers
L. Rissanen, , K.P. Lieb, K. Engel, M. Wenderoth
Published in Elsevier Science Publishers B.V.
Volume: 161
Pages: 986 - 991
Nitrides, carbides and oxides are important ceramic materials for wide range of applications in coating, nuclear reactor and semiconductor technology. The study of their bonding properties to metals and semiconductors, for instance via ion irradiation, is of great importance. In this work, we report on the effects induced by 100 and 450 keV Xe+ ions in 70-100 nm Ni3N layers deposited on Si substrates. Low-energy irradiation at 80 K was found to cause a preferential nitrogen loss in the near-surface regions and an increase in surface roughness of the Ni3N film. After the 450 keV Xe+ ion irradiation, strong mixing and the formation of Ni2Si and Si3N4 phases were detected at the Ni3N/Si interface. These findings demonstrate the dissociation of Ni3N under ion bombardment and the competition of chemical driving forces and collision cascade mixing at the interface.
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Published in Elsevier Science Publishers B.V.
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