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In silico analysis of calcium binding pocket of perforin like protein 1: insights into the regulation of pore formation
Garg S., Sharma V., Ramu D., Singh S.
Published in Springer Netherlands
Volume: 9
Pages: 17 - 21
Plasmodium falciparum perforin like proteins (PfPLPs) are an important arsenal for the entry and exit of malaria parasites. These proteins bind and oligomerize on the membrane in calcium dependent manner and form an open pore. The calcium dependent pore forming activity of PLPs is usually conferred by their C2 like C-terminal domain. Here, we have tried to elucidate the calcium binding residues in the C-terminal domain of PfPLP1, a member of P. falciparum PLPs, playing a crucial role in calcium dependent egress of blood stage parasites. Through our in silico study, we have found that the C-terminal domain of all PfPLPs is rich in β-pleated sheets and is structurally similar to C2 domain of human perforin. Furthermore, homology search based on 3-D structure of PfPLP1 confirmed that it is structurally homologous to the calcium binding C2 domain of many proteins. On further elucidation of the calcium-binding pocket of the C2 like domain of PfPLP1 showed that it binds to two calcium molecules. The calcium-binding pocket could be a target of novel chemotherapeutics for studying functional role of PfPLPs in parasite biology as well as for limiting blood stage growth of malaria parasite. © 2015, Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht.
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Published in Springer Netherlands
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