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Impact of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) on Recruitment Process of Petroleum & Gas Sector in India
Fulzele R., Sharma A., Srivastava A.,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 1691 - 1696
Over the years, the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has become one of the important and powerful tools for every professional sector due to its continuous evolution. The constant evolution of innovative broadband communication services as well as the conjunction of telecommunication and computers have opened up several ways for advancing different businesses and their processes. In addition to this, many researchers have emphasized the benefits of ICT in the area of Human Resource Management (HRM). Especially, these advanced technologies transformed the recruitment process that used to be done, making the overall process highly efficient. However, there is limited research that analyzes the degree of impact of ICT on the HRM functions particularly recruitment. Hence, to fill this literature gap, this research paper has attempted to study how ICT impacts the dynamics and performance of the recruitment process in the petroleum & gas industry of India by using Multiple Regression Analysis. The data was collected through questionnaires from 501 respondents working in different domains in petroleum & gas companies operating in India. The results obtained in the study indicate that the ICT makes a significant and positive impact on the recruitment process which ultimately contributes in improving the performance of the whole organization. Earlier, HR staff had to do the recruitment related activities manually and had to keep huge records in hard copies and make data entry manually which was very tedious as well as time consuming but now due to adoption of ICT in almost every organization worldwide, have reduced their overall costs, efforts and time. This paper demonstrates the effective use of ICT in the recruitment process of large-scale organizations for improving their overall performance. This study tries to help and motivate the organizations to continue adopting advanced ICT for improving the performance of the recruitment process in the organization and get the desired benefits. © 2022 IEEE.
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Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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