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Identification of potential key genes and pathways associated with the Pashmina fiber initiation using RNA-Seq and integrated bioinformatics analysis
Bhat B., Yaseen M., , Ahmad S.M., Ganai N.A.
Published in Nature Research
PMID: 33469142
Volume: 11
Issue: 1
Pashmina goat (Capra hircus) is an economically important livestock species, which habitats the cold arid desert of the Ladakh region (India), and produces a princely animal fiber called Pashmina. The Pashmina goat has a double coat fleece as an adaptation to the very harsh cold winters the outer long coarse hair (guard hair) produced from primary hair follicles and the inner fine Pashmina fiber produced from secondary hair follicles. Pashmina fiber undergoes a circannual and synchronized growth cycle. In the present study, we analyzed transcriptome profiles from 10 different Pashmina goats during anagen and telogen to delineate genes and signaling pathways regulating active (anagen) and regressive (telogen) phases of the follicle growth. During anagen, 150 genes were expressed at significantly higher levels with log (FC) > 2 and padj < 0.05. The RNA seq results were subjected to qRT-PCR validation. Among the nine genes selected, the expression of HAS1, TRIB2, P2RX1. PRG4, CNR2, and MMP25 were significantly higher (p < 0.05) in the anagen phase, whereas MC4R, GIPC2, and CDO1 were significantly expressed (p < 0.05) in the telogen phase which supports and validates the gene expression pattern from the RNA-sequencing. Differentially expressed genes revealed that Pashmina fiber initiation is largely controlled by signaling pathways like Wnt, NF-Kappa, JAK-STAT, Hippo, MAPK, Calcium, and PI3K-Akt. Expression of genes from the Integrin family, Cell adhesion molecules, and ECM-receptors were observed to be at much higher levels during anagen. We identified key genes (IL36RN, IGF2, ITGAV, ITGA5, ITCCR7, CXCL5, C3, CCL19, and CXCR3) and a collagen cluster which might be tightly correlated with anagen-induction. The regulatory network suggests the potential role of RUNX3, NR2F1/2, and GATA family transcription factors in anagen-initiation and maintaining fiber quality in Pashmina goats. © 2021, The Author(s).
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Published in Nature Research
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