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High Tensile Ductility and Strength in Dual-phase Bimodal Steel through Stationary Friction Stir Processing
Arora H.S., Ayyagari A., Saini J., Selvam K., Riyadh S., Pole M., , Mukherjee S.
Published in Nature Publishing Group
PMID: 30760825
Volume: 9
Issue: 1
The combination of high strength and good ductility are very desirable for advanced structural and functional applications. However, measures to enhance strength typically lead to ductility reduction due to their inverse correlation, nano-grained structures for an instance. Bi-modal grain structure is promising in this regard, but its realization is limited by multiple complex processing steps. Here, we demonstrate a facile single-step processing route for the development of bimodal grain structure in austenitic stainless steel, SS316L. The bimodal structure comprised of fine martensite grains (<500 nm) sandwiched between coarse austenite grains (~10 µm). The dual-phase bimodal structure demonstrated higher yield strength (~620 MPa) compared to ultra-fine grain structure (~450 MPa) concurrent with high uniform tensile ductility (~35\%). These exceptional properties are attributed to unique dual-phase, bimodal grain structure which delayed the onset of plastic instability resulting in higher strength as well as larger uniform elongation and work-hardening rate. Our approach may be easily extended to a wide range of material systems to engineer superior performance. © 2019, The Author(s).
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Published in Nature Publishing Group
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