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Halogen-assisted piezochromic supramolecular assemblies for versatile haptic memory
L. Bai, P. Bose, Q. Gao, Y. Li, , Y. Zhao
Published in American Chemical Society
PMID: 27966920
Volume: 139
Issue: 1
Pages: 436 - 441
Sensory memory is capable of recording mformation and giving feedback based on external stimuli. Haptic memory in particular can retain the sensation of the interaction between the human body and the environment and help humans to describe the physical quantities in their environment and manipulate objects in daily activities. Although sensitive and accurate tactile sensors have been produced on optical and electronic devices, their rigorous operation and equipment requirements seriously limit their further applicability. In addition, their poor retainability after the removal of external stimuli also warrants further improve-ments. Thus, haptic memory materials, having simple structures and high sensitivity, are highly desired. Herein, we successfully developed two piewchromic assemblies assisted by halogen bonding for haptic memory. The halogen bond not only contributes to the fabrication of the network and enhances integrative stability but also broadens the natural piezofluorescent range, thus promoting sensory sensitivity. Moreover, the colorimetric change of the assemblies could be well-retained after the stimulus was removed. Upon mild heating treatment, the piezochromic response could be recovered to its original state, confirming the recydability of this haptic memory material for use in practical applications. The present work enriches the library of piezochromic materials with enhanced performance for haptic memory. © 2016 American Chemical Society.
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Published in American Chemical Society
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