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Explanation of observation of multi-component ELF whistlers at low latitude
S.B. Singh, , K.K. Singh, A.K. Singh, L. Lalmani
Published in World Scientific Publishing Co.
Pages: 49 - 54
The paper represents first time observation of an unusual Multi-component natural event in the ELF range named “ELF whistlers” along with a precursor. Event is recorded during day time at a low latitude Indian station Jammu (geomag.lat. 19 26’N; L = 1.17). The detailed structure of this observed unusual event clearly show that such type of “multi-component ELF whistlers” with a low cutoff frequency, around 600Hz, well below the waveguide cutoff frequency along with a precursor emission has never been obtained at any of the mid and high latitudes during normal days where most VLF/ELF activity occurs. Generation and propagation mechanism of these events are discussed briefly. Plasma parameters are further derived from the dispersion analysis of whistlers. © 2011 by World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved.
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Published in World Scientific Publishing Co.
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