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Exceptional cavitation erosion-corrosion behavior of dual-phase bimodal structure in austenitic stainless steel
Selvam K., Saini J., Perumal G., Ayyagari A., Salloom R., Mondal R., Mukherjee S., ,
Published in Elsevier Ltd
Volume: 134
Pages: 77 - 86
In this study, we demonstrate a novel pathway to engineer the properties of metallic alloys for limiting their cavitation erosion-corrosion. A facile single-step processing technique was used to develop bimodal grain structure in stainless steel. The bimodal steel was tested in cavitation erosion and erosion-corrosion conditions. In both the cases, bimodal steel showed exceptionally high degradation resistance, nearly 7 times higher compared to as-received steel. The remarkable cavitation erosion resistance demonstrated by bimodal steel is attributed to its high yield strength along with high work-hardening rate. In addition, the bimodal steel showed significantly low corrosion rate of 0.001 mm/year in 3.5 wt \% NaCl solution compared to 0.088 mm/year for as-received stainless steel. © 2019 Elsevier Ltd
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