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Estimation of genetic parameters of fruit quality traits in mango hybrid population
D. Nayak, , M. Srivastav
Published in
Volume: 70
Issue: 1
Pages: 13 - 17
The study was designed to evaluate the genetic variability for fruit quality in mango progenies. The fruit quality traits of F1 progenies were evaluated on the basis of morphological and biochemical parameters. The results showed the existence of genetic variability among progenies with differences in the progeny performance for the traits. Value of phenotypic coefficients of variation was higher than genotypic coefficients of variation but minimum difference was noticed between them. Comparatively high degree of genotypic coefficients of variation (GCV) along with phenotypic coefficients of variation was observed in quality traits like, fruit weight, fruit volume, pulp: stone ratio and total carotenoids. High to moderate broad-sense heritability was estimated for different fruit quality traits. High magnitude of broad-sense heritability was recorded in traits like, fruit weight (0.82), fruit volume (0.80), total carotenoids (0.97), ascorbic acids (0.83), stone width (0.71) and fruit length (0.70). Moderate degree of heritability was noted in traits, viz., titratable acidity (0.58), fruit width (0.62), stone length (0.68), stone thickness (0.62), peel thickness (0.53) and total soluble solids (0.69). High heritability along with high genetic advance was estimated for fruit weight and fruit volume. Genetic parameters estimated for fruit quality traits of mango may be useful to formulate pre-selection criteria and efficient breeding strategies of mango for development of new hybrids.
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