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Environmental management of e-waste
Pathak P., Srivastava R.R., Ojasvi
Published in Elsevier
Pages: 103 - 132
The waste derived from electrical and electronic equipment (i.e., E-waste) causes severe issues for the geo-environment. The heterogeneity and complexity of E-waste, containing lethal and toxic substances, are difficult to decompose and are classified as hazardous materials. High exposure of hazardous materials is harmful to human life. The improper management of E-waste with processing by the informal sector in nonscientific manner is making this scenario catastrophic. Additionally, illegal shifting by mislabelling E-waste from developed countries and exporting to developing countries makes it difficult to calculate the inventory and handling of the E-waste. Therefore, a sustainable environmental management of E-waste by policies and governing regulations from its collection to recycling are necessary. These measures of E-waste management should increase the advance recycling practices by the formal sector and decrease the amount of waste contamination to the environment that is endangering human health and whole ecosystem. © 2019 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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