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Electromagnetically-induced transparency and slow light in room temperature 4He
J. Ghosh, F. Goldfarb, J.-L. Le Gouët, F. Bretenaker,
Published in
Volume: 20
Issue: 5
Pages: 1234 - 1243
Electromagnetically-induced transparency (EIT) in three-level Λ-systems is based on quantum interference effects involving coherence between the two lower levels, which allow propagation of a resonant probe light beam in the presence of a strong coupling field. We have observed transparency in ultra-narrow (<10 kHz) windows at the resonant 1.083 μm transition for purely electronic spins in gaseous 4He* at room temperature. Slow light is an interesting outcome of the EIT phenomenon due to extreme dispersion within the narrow transparency window. We have obtained group delays of about 4 μs in a 2.5 cm long He* cell. A complete theoretical analysis explains our observations emphasizing the positive role of collisions. Slow light with 1-GHz Doppler broadening opens the door to applications of controllable large-bandwidth delays in radars. © Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., 2010.
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