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Electrical characteristics of zinc oxide-organic semiconductor lateral heterostructure based hybrid field-effect bipolar transistors
, Z.-E. Ooi, S.N.L. Geok, G.K.L. Goh, A. Dodabalapur
Published in
Volume: 98
Issue: 7
Zinc oxide-organic semiconductor lateral heterostructure based field-effect bipolar transistors (FEBTs) having heterointerfaces approximately midway between the source and drain electrodes are fabricated and characterized. These hybrid FEBTs comprise zinc oxide (ZnO) and p -channel organic semiconductors [Pentacene and α -sexithiophene (6T)] supporting electron transport and hole transport on either side of the heterojunction, respectively. Current flow in the transistor channel is established as a result of carrier injection across the heterointerface followed by recombination. In steady state, such devices possess significant populations of holes and electrons in the transistor channel and operate in bipolar mode. © 2011 American Institute of Physics.
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