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Dendrimer-Functionalized Nanodiamonds as Safe and Efficient Drug Carriers for Cancer Therapy: Nucleus Penetrating Nanoparticles
S. Patil, V.S. Mishra, N. Yadav, P.C. Reddy,
Published in American Chemical Society
PMID: 35754387
Volume: 5
Issue: 7
Pages: 3438 - 3451
Nanodiamonds (NDs) are increasingly being assessed as potential candidates for drug delivery in cancer cells and they hold great promise in overcoming the side effects of traditional chemotherapeutics. In the current work, carboxylic acid functionalized nanodiamonds (ND-COOH) were covalently modified with poly(amidoamine) dendrimer (PAMAM) to form amine-terminated nanodiamonds (NP). Unlike ND-COOH, the chemically modified nanodiamond platform NP revealed a pH-independent aqueous dispersion stability, enhancing its potential as an effective carrier. Physical encapsulation of poorly water soluble cabazitaxel (CTX) drug on NP formed ND-PAMAM-CTX (NPC) nanoconjugates and substantially reduced the size of CTX from micrometer to nanometer. CTX was localized within the pores of nanoparticle aggregates and the cavities of the PAMAM dendrimer, thus facilitating the loaded drug's controlled and sustained release. NPC's cumulative CTX release efficiency was determined to be ∼95% at pH 4 after 96 h. A high cellular uptake of NPC both within the cytoplasm and nucleus of U87 cells is confirmed, accounting for a reduced IC50value (1 nM). Both the cell cycle and Western blot analyses confirmed enhanced cell death and suppressed tubulin protein expression in NPC-treated cells. A significantly high inhibition to cell division with early apoptosis and reduced metastasis demonstrates the effective loading of CTX dosages on the nanocarrier. The present work highlights the potential of a newly designed nanocarrier NP as an efficient nanocargo for cellular delivery applications and may provide future insights to treat one of the most aggressive tumors in neuro-oncological research, glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). © 2022 American Chemical Society. All rights reserved.
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