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Defect dynamics and spectral observation of twinning in single crystalline LaAlO3 under subbandgap excitation
J.Q. Chen, X. Wang, Y.H. Lu, A. Roy Barman, G.J. You, G.C. Xing, T.C. Sum, , Y.P. Feng, AriandoShow More
Published in
Volume: 98
Issue: 4
We have investigated the photoluminescence and ultrafast dynamics of LaAlO3 crystal. The photoluminescence consists of a broad spectrum and two sharp peaks, which arise from various defect levels within the bandgap. A doublet splitting of roughly 6 nm is seen in these two sharp peaks. An Al displacement of 0.09 Å in a sublattice, which is possible because of twinning, is adequate to explain the spectral splitting. Femtosecond pump probe experiments reveal further that many of these defect levels have a few picosecond decay times while the lowest defect states have decay times longer than nanosecond to the valence band. © 2011 American Institute of Physics.
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