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Current updates on precision therapy for breast cancer associated brain metastasis: Emphasis on combination therapy
M. Raza, N. Kumar, U. Nair, G. Luthra, U. Bhattacharyya, S. Jayasundar, R. Jayasundar,
Published in Springer
PMID: 33886058
Cancer therapies have undergone a tremendous progress over the past decade. Precision medicine provides a more tailored approach, making the combination of existing therapies more precise. Different types of cancers are characterized by unique biomarkers that are targeted using various genomic approaches by clinicians and companies worldwide to achieve efficient treatment with minimal side effects. Precision medicine has two broad approaches namely stratified and personalized medicine. The driver mutations could vary within a subtype while the same driver mutations could be found across different subtypes. Precision medicine has recently gained a lot of importance for breast cancer therapy. Various kinds of mutations like hotspot mutations, gene alterations, gene amplification mutations are targeted to design a more specific therapy. Apart from these known gene mutations there are various unknown mutations. Thus, tumor heterogeneity can pose a challenge to precision medicine. For breast cancer, one of the most successful models developed in case of precision medicine is the anti-HER2 therapies as HER2 was considered to have the worst prognosis being highly malignant. But now due to the advent of HER2 receptor targeted therapies, it has a good prognosis. Moreover, precision medicine helps in identifying if the drug molecules being used for the treatment of one kind of cancer can be beneficial in the treatment of another kind of cancer as well, considering the signaling pathways and machinery is similar in most of the cancers. This reduces the time for new drug development and is economically more feasible. Precision medicine will prove to be very advantageous in case of brain metastasis. © 2021, The Author(s), under exclusive licence to Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature.
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