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Corrosion behaviour in friction stir processed and welded materials
H.S. Arora, S. Mukherjee, , H. Singh, B.K. Dhindaw
Published in Elsevier Ltd
Pages: 295 - 328
This chapter presents a comprehensive study on the influence of friction stir processing/welding (FSW/FSP) on corrosion behaviour. It briefly discusses the different aspects of corrosion including corrosion types, measurement techniques and data analysis. The corrosion behaviour of a wide range of friction stir processed materials, including light weight metals such as magnesium and aluminum alloys, as well as high strength metals such as steel, has been discussed in detail. The influence of FSP parameters on the microstructural evolution, comprising grain-size and precipitate refinement along with its correlation with the corrosion properties, has been described for different materials. © 2014 The authors and contributors. All rights reserved.
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Published in Elsevier Ltd
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