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CoReCG: A comprehensive Database of genes associated with colon-rectal cancer
Agarwal R., Kumar B., , Raghav D.,
Published in Oxford University Press
PMID: 27114494
Volume: 2016
Cancer of large intestine is commonly referred as colorectal cancer, which is also the third most frequently prevailing neoplasm across the globe. Though, much of work is being carried out to understand the mechanism of carcinogenesis and advancement of this disease but, fewer studies has been performed to collate the scattered information of alterations in tumorigenic cells like genes, mutations, expression changes, epigenetic alteration or post translation modification, genetic heterogeneity. Earlier findings were mostly focused on understanding etiology of colorectal carcinogenesis but less emphasis were given for the comprehensive review of the existing findings of individual studies which can provide better diagnostics based on the suggested markers in discrete studies. Colon Rectal Cancer Gene Database (CoReCG), contains 2056 colon-rectal cancer genes information involved in distinct colorectal cancer stages sourced from published literature with an effective knowledge based information retrieval system. Additionally, interactive web interface enriched with various browsing sections, augmented with advance search facility for querying the database is provided for user friendly browsing, online tools for sequence similarity searches and knowledge based schema ensures a researcher friendly information retrieval mechanism. Colorectal cancer gene database (CoReCG) is expected to be a single point source for identification of colorectal cancer-related genes, thereby helping with the improvement of classification, diagnosis and treatment of human cancers. © The Author(s) 2016.
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Published in Oxford University Press
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