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Cool the generators: System reliability and fault tree analysis of hydrogen cooling systems
Biswal G.R., Maheshwari R.P., Dewal M.L.
Published in
Volume: 7
Issue: 1
Pages: 30 - 40
A comprehensive hydrogen (H2) cooling system (HCS) is presented for the cooling of n # 250-MW generators of fossil-fuel power plants. A novel six stage hot redundant structure (S2HRS)-based HCS clubbed with highly reliable and efficient process control and instrumentation system is proposed for the cooling of large generators in integrated gasification combined cycle power plants (CCPPs). This article provides a comparison between the proposed and the existing systems in terms of system reliability and fault tree analysis (FTA). The effectiveness of real-time featured proposed HCS is validated by computer simulation using RS-View32 Works, a real-time automation platform. © 2007-2011 IEEE.
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