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Conformational control ofN-methyl-N,N'-diacylhydrazines by noncovalent carbon bonding in solution
Deka J.K.R., Sahariah B., Baruah K., Bar A.K., Sarma B.K.
Published in Royal Society of Chemistry
PMID: 32255138
Volume: 56
Issue: 36
Pages: 4874 - 4877
In recent years, some X-ray structural and computational evidence has emerged for noncovalent carbon bonding (C-bond). However, evidence of C-bonds in solution is limited. Herein, from the conformational analyses of strategically designedN-methyl-N,N'-diacylhydrazines, we for the first time show that C-bonds can be modulated to control the conformational preferences of small molecules in solution. We show that unusual N(amide)?C-X noncovalent carbon bonding interactions stabilize thetrans-cis(t-c) amide bond rotamers ofN-methyl-N,N'-diacylhydrazines over the expectedtrans-trans(t-t) rotamers. © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2020.
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Published in Royal Society of Chemistry
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