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Compensated hole-entry hybrid journal bearing by CFV restrictor under micropolar lubricants
Ram N., Sharma S.C., Rajput A.K.
Published in UiTM Press
Issue: Special Issue 1
Pages: 31 - 42
In this work, the performance of hole-entry hybrid journal bearing compensated by constant flow valve (CFV) restrictor under micropolar lubricants has been numerically simulated. Reynolds equation for micropolar fluid lubricated bearing has been solved with finite element technique. Performance of bearing has been evaluated as a function of coupling number N2. The simulated characteristics of bearing under micropolar lubricants have been compared with similar bearing under Newtonian lubricant. The results are presented for the selected micropolar parameters N2and lm. Simulated results indicate that the bearing under micropolar lubricants exhibits the increased values of minimum fluid film thickness, stiffness and damping coefficients than similar bearing under Newtonian lubricant. Further, the coefficient of friction decreases for a bearing when it is operating under micropolar lubricant than Newtonian lubricant. © 2017 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia.
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Published in UiTM Press
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