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Characteristics of modulating VLF hiss observed at Indian Antarctic Station, Maitri (L = 4.5)
, S.B. Singh, S. Singh, R.P. Patel, R.P. Singh
Published in
Volume: 98
Issue: 9
Pages: 1224 - 1229
Very low frequency (VLF) hiss emissions were observed for the first time at the Indian Antarctic Station, Maitri (geographic lat. 70°46′S, long. 11°50′E, geomagnetic lat. 66°.03′S, long. 53°.21′E) with the modulating intensity variations. Various spectrograms of modulating VLF hiss emissions clearly show band limited spectra regularly modulating its intensity with almost equal period of the order of few seconds in the frequency range of 9-12.8 kHz. To explain these modulating characteristics of VLF hiss, we propose that the hiss emissions are generated through Doppler-shifted cyclotron interactions near the geomagnetic equator and propagate towards the Earth in the whistlermode. Further, the micropulsations propagating along the geomagnetic field lines could modulate the growth rate of the wave. The growth rates of the waves are also computed.
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