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Cardanol-based bisbenzoxazines: Effect of structure on thermal behaviour
, I.K. Varma, J. Bijwe
Published in
Volume: 107
Issue: 2
Pages: 661 - 668
A new class of thermoset polymers was synthesized based on agrochemical renewable cardanol-A by-product of cashew nut industry. A solventless synthesis of bisbenzoxazine monomers based on bisphenol-A (b) and aniline (abbreviated as Bzb-A) and cardanol (c) with diamines namely bis-(4-(4-Aminophenoxy)phenyl)ether (HP), bis-(3-(4- aminophenoxy)phenyl)ether (HM), 4,40-diaminodiphenylsulphone (DDS) and 2,2-bis(4-(4-Aminophenoxy)phenyl)propane (BA) was carried out. The benzoxazine monomers (Bzc-HP, Bzc-HM, Bzc-DDS and Bzc-BA) were characterized by 1HNMR and FTIR spectroscopy. The curing exotherm depended on the structure of themonomers. The onset curing temperature (To) was lowest for Bzb-A (460 K) and highest in Bzc-HM (518 K). The decomposition temperature for 5% mass loss (T5%) of resins followed the order PBzb-A
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