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Blue LED Induced Manganese (I) Catalysed Direct C2−H Activation of Pyrroles with Aryl Diazoesters
S. Sar, R. Das,
Published in John Wiley and Sons Inc
Herein, we have reported a blue LED mediated manganese pentacarbonyl bromide catalysed incorporation of carbene moieties from aryl diazoesters onto 1H-pyrroles via their selective C2−H activation. A manganese metal-carbene has been identified as the active catalyst to facilitate the reaction. Eighteen mono substituted pyrrole derivatives were isolated in good to excellent yields (67→82%) and the disubstituted products were also formed in minor quantities (5 to 8%). HPLC based kinetics study enabled optimization of the reaction. Control experiments, FT-IR, NMR and GC-MS based characterization elucidated the putative reaction mechanism. (Figure presented.). © 2021 Wiley-VCH GmbH
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Published in John Wiley and Sons Inc
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