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Bisguanidinium dinuclear oxodiperoxomolybdosulfate ion pair-catalyzed enantioselective sulfoxidation
L. Zong, C. Wang, A.M.P. Moeljadi, X. Ye, , Y. Li, H. Hirao, C.-H. Tan
Published in Nature Publishing Group
Volume: 7
Catalytic use of peroxomolybdate for asymmetric transformations has attracted increasing attention due to its catalytic properties and application in catalysis. Herein, we report chiral bisguanidinium dinuclear oxodiperoxomolybdosulfate [BG]2+ [(μ-SO4)Mo2O2 (μ-O2)2(O2)2]2- ion pair, as a catalyst for enantioselective sulfoxidation using aqueous H2O2 as the terminal oxidant. The ion pair catalyst is isolatable, stable and useful for the oxidation of a range of dialkyl sulfides. The practical utility was illustrated using a gram-scale synthesis of armodafinil, a commercial drug, with the catalyst generated in situ from 0.25 mol% of bisguanidinium and 2.5 mol% of Na2MoO4 ·2H2O. Structural characterization of this ion pair catalyst has been successfully achieved using single-crystal X-ray crystallography. © The Author(s) 2016.
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Published in Nature Publishing Group
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