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Ar ion induced copper germanide phase formation at room temperature
, T. Som, Y.N. Mohapatra, V.N. Kulkarni
Published in Indian Academy of Sciences
Volume: 20
Issue: 4
Pages: 423 - 427
The copper germanide phase Cu3Ge which is emerging as an alternative material for making contacts and interconnects for semiconductor industry has been produced across the interface of Cu/Ge bilayers by ion beam mixing at room temperature using 1 Me V Ar ions. The dose dependence of the thickness of the mixed region shows a diffusion controlled mixing process. The experimental mixing rate and efficiency for this phase are 5.35 nm4 and 10.85 nm5keV respectively. At doses above 8 × 1015 Ar/cm2 the formation and growth of another copper rich phase Cu5Ge has been observed. The present theoretical models are inadequate to explain the observed experimental mixing rate.
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Published in Indian Academy of Sciences
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