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Anisotropic Ru3+ 4d5 magnetism in the $\alpha$-RuCl3 honeycomb system: Susceptibility, specific heat and zero-field NMR anisotropic Ru3+4d5 magnetism in the ⋯ M. Majumder et al.
, M. Schmidt, H. Rosner, A. Tsirlin A., H. Yasuoka, M. Baenitz
Published in
Volume: 91
Issue: 18
Hexagonal $\alpha$-Ru trichloride single crystals exhibit a strong magnetic anisotropy and we show that upon applying fields up to 14 T in the honeycomb plane the successive magnetic order at T1=14K and T2=8K could be completely suppressed, whereas in the perpendicular direction the magnetic order is robust. Furthermore, the field dependence of $\chi$(T) implies coexisting ferro- and antiferromagnetic exchange between in-plane components of Ru3+ spins, whereas for out-of-plane components a strong antiferromagnetic exchange becomes evident. Ru101 zero-field nuclear magnetic resonance in the ordered state evidence a complex (probably noncoplanar chiral) long-range magnetic structure. The large orbital moment on Ru3+ is found in density-functional calculations.
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