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Analytic solutions in configuration space representation for scattering from a class of separable nonlocal potentials
, B. Mulligan
Published in
Volume: 10
Issue: 1
Pages: 126 - 135
In this paper we consider scattering of all partial waves from a wide class of separable nonlocal potentials and obtain in configuration space exact analytic expressions for the wave functions and phase shifts. These expressions simplify some of the difficulties associated with finding a potential which fits phase shift data, with the analytic expressions for the scattering length and effective range being particularly useful. Employing these results, we obtain a two-term separable nonlocal potential with three adjustable parameters which gives a reasonable fit to the S01 n-p phase shifts and a very good scattering length and effective range. NUCLEAR REACTIONS Separable nonlocal potentials. Analytic expressions for wave functions, phase shifts. S01(n-p) phase shift fit. © 1974 The American Physical Society.
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