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Analysis of bifurcation patterns in reaction-diffusion systems: Effect of external noise on the Brusselator model
S.S. Yerrapragada, J.K. Bandyopadhyay, , B.D. Kulkarni
Published in
Volume: 55
Issue: 5
Pages: 5248 - 5260
A detailed stochastic analysis of the Brusselator scheme has been performed to bring out the effect of external noise on the system. The diffusion parameter [formula presented] was taken to be fluctuated by external noise and a complete solution diagram with the composition variables X and Y has been generated. These noise-induced transitions reveal that this system attains a stable state not described by its deterministic analysis. The stochastic analyses also reveal that the structural stability of such systems is disturbed even for a slight external perturbation in the bifurcation parameter, and in a certain range of noise intensity (σ) and correlation time (τ) some different spatial and temporal structures arise. © 1997 The American Physical Society.
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