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Accelerated reliability test inputs in analyzing the device response of MgZnO based UV detector
S.S. Hullavarad, I. Takeuchi, J. Berger, , K.S. Chang, T. Venkatesan, T.C. Loughran, R.D. Vispute, S.N. Yedave
Published in Materials Research Society
Volume: 785
Pages: 495 - 499
In this paper we present the accelerated reliability testing of MgZnO based UV detectors. The UV detectors are fabricated on glass, quartz and sapphire substrates by Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) technique. The films are highly oriented and show sharp transmission at 350nm and 330nm for Mg composition of 10% and 20% in ZnO, respectively. The device response has been studied and life expectancy of the devices has been estimated from the accelerated tests.
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Published in Materials Research Society
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