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Ab initio molecular dynamics studies of metal clusters
Published in
Volume: 20
Issue: 6
Pages: 745 - 754
We present results of our ab initio molecular dynamics simulations on the atomic and electronic structure of clusters of divalent metals, aluminum and antimony, which exhibit a range of bonding characteristics e.g. non-metal-metal transition, metallic and covalent respectively. Results of these studies have been used to develop icosahcdral Al12X (X = C, Si and Ge) superatoms with 40 valence electrons which correspond to a filled electronic shell. It is found that the doping leads to a large gain in the binding energy as compared to Al13, suggesting this to be a novel way of developing species for cluster assembled materials. Further studies of adsorption of Li, Si and Cl atoms on Al7 and Al13 clusters show marked variation in the adsorption behaviour of clusters as a function of size and the adsorbate. Silicon reconstructs both the clusters and induces covalency in Al-Al bonds. We discuss the adsorption behaviour in terms of the superatom-atom interactions.
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