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A rationally designed nitrogen-rich metal-organic framework and its exceptionally high CO2 and H2 uptake capability
X.-J. Wang, P.-Z. Li, Y. Chen, Q. Zhang, H. Zhang, X.X. Chan, , Y. Li, J. Jiang, Y. Zhao
Published in
PMID: 23359632
Volume: 3
On the way towards a sustainable low-carbon future, the design and construction of chemical or physical adsorbents for CO2 capture and clean energy storage are vital technology. The incorporation of accessible nitrogen-donor sites into the pore walls of porous adsorbents can dramatically affect the CO2 uptake capacity and selectivity on account of the dipole-quadrupole interactions between the polarizable CO2 molecule and the accessible nitrogen site. In the present work, a nitrogen-rich rth-type metal-organic framework (MOF) was constructed based on rational design and careful synthesis. The MOF presents exceptionally high uptake capacity not only for CO2 but also for H 2, which is attributed to favorable interactions between the gas molecules and the nitrogen-rich triazole units of the MOF proved by both experimental measurements and theoretical molecular simulations.
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