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A new type of phosphaferrocene-Pyrrole-phosphaferrocene P-N-P pincer ligand
R. Tian, Y. Ng, , F. Mathey
Published in
Volume: 31
Issue: 6
Pages: 2486 - 2488
A 2-ethoxycarbonylphosphaferrocene was reduced to the corresponding 2-hydroxymethyl derivative, which was condensed with pyrrole in a 2:1 ratio in the presence of BF 3 to give a phosphaferrocene-pyrrole- phosphaferrocene pincer ligand. This tridentate ligand, in turn, reacted with [Rh(acac)(CO) 2] to yield a rhodium carbonyl pincer complex. This complex was characterized by X-ray crystal structure analysis and tested in the hydroformylation of internal olefins. © 2012 American Chemical Society.
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