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A multifractal study of wave functions in 1-D quasicrystals
G. Ananthakrishna,
Published in
Volume: 36
Issue: 3
Pages: 335 - 346
Using multifractal analysis we study extended, self-similar and non-self-similar type of wave functions in the Fibonacci model. Extended states arising due to commutation of transfer matrices for certain blocks of atoms in quasiperiodic systems are shown to have the same signature as the Bloch states in terms of the singularity spectrum with f($\alpha$)=$\alpha$=1. Numerically, however, the extended states show a typical multifractal behaviour for finite chain lengths. Finite size scaling corrections yield results consistent with that obtained analytically. The self-similar states at the band edges show a multifractal behaviour and they are energy dependent in the case of blocks of atoms arranged in a Fibonacci sequence. For non-self-similar states we obtain a non-monotonic behaviour of f($\alpha$) as a function of the chain length. We also show that in cases where extended states exist, the cross-over from extended to non-self-similar states in gradual. {\textcopyright} 1991 the Indian Academy of Sciences.
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