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A light emitting transistor based on a hybrid metal oxide-organic semiconductor lateral heterostructure
Ooi Z.-E., Foong T.R.B., , Leok Chan K., Dodabalapur A.
Published in
Volume: 100
Issue: 9
A light-emitting field-effect transistor was fabricated, with its architecture based on a distinct heterojunction located midway between the source and drain contacts. Tetracene enabled hole transport on one side of the heterojunction (hole mobility ∼0.071 cm 2/Vs), while amorphous solution-processed zinc tin oxide supported electron transport on the other side (electron mobility ∼0.81 cm 2/Vs). The drain current vs. gate voltage curves of this device have a bell-shaped profile that is characteristic of lateral heterojunction bipolar field-effect transistors. The green light emission-from tetracene-closely follows the trend in drain current and is naked-eye visible in a darkened room. © 2012 American Institute of Physics.
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