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A large pyrene-fused N-heteroacene: fifteen aromatic six- membered rings annulated in one row
Zilong Wang, Peiyang Gu, Guangfeng Liu, Huiying Yao, Yishi Wu, Yongxin Li, , Jia Zhu, Hongbing Fu, Qichun Zhang
Published in
Volume: 53
Issue: 55
Pages: 7772 - 7775
Here, we present our recent progress on the synthesis, crystal structure, physical properties and DFT calculations of a novel large pyrene-fused N-heteroacene (15RINGS) with 15 aromatic six-membered rings linearly fused in one row. The long conjugated backbone (more than 35 angstrom) of 15RINGS possesses a dual-bending feature (the bending angle is about 13.2 degrees).
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