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A discrete jaya algorithm for permutation flow-shop scheduling problem
Mishra A.K.,
Published in Growing Science
Volume: 11
Issue: 3
Pages: 415 - 428
Jaya algorithm has recently been proposed, which is simple and efficient meta-heuristic optimization technique and has received a great attention in the world of optimization. It has been successfully applied to some thermal, design and manufacturing associated optimization problems. This paper aims to analyze the performance of Jaya algorithm for permutation flow-shop scheduling problem which is a well-known NP-hard optimization problem. The objective is to minimize the makespan. First, to make Jaya algorithm adaptive to the problem, a random priority is allocated to each job in a permutation sequence. Second, a job priority vector is converted into job permutation vector by means of Largest Order Value (LOV) rule. An exhaustive comparative study along with statistical analysis is performed by comparing the results with public benchmarks and other competitive heuristics. The key feature of Jaya algorithm of simultaneous movement towards the best solution and going away from the worst solution enables it to avoid being trapped in the local optima. Furthermore, the uniqueness of Jaya algorithm compared with any other evolutionary based optimization technique is that it is totally independent of specific parameters. This substantially reduces the computation effort and numerical complexity. Computational results reveal that Jaya algorithm is efficient in most cases and has considerable potential for permutation flow-shop scheduling problems. © 2020 by the authors; licensee Growing Science, Canada.
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Published in Growing Science
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